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Big Changes at MSR.com

The summer of 2007 has been an exciting time for ModernSkiRacing.com, and we are anticipating a very exciting 2007-2009 winter seasons, and beyond.


As you may have already noticed, we have had major changes in our sponsors. ModernSkiRacing.com is very excited to announce that we have just signed a two year contract with Fischer skis and boots, POC, Swix and X-Socks to be managed by Ryan Leach. It is a very comprehensive deal including a complete product distribution channel right from our website for all products nationally. We are very excited about the new relationship and believe between Ryan and our team we will take the growth of ModernSkiracing.com to new heights. Links to the specific offers available to ModernSkiRacing.com racers will be provided on an updated sponsorship page when they become available.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce that ModernSkiRacing.com has entered into a sponsorship program with Ski Racing Development. Click for more information on this sponsorship!


Another exciting development is that effective 1 September 2007, Brent Amsbury will be President of Modern Ski Racing.com. With his experience and drive, Brent is the perfect man for the job to drive ModernSkiRacing.com along its 3-year plan path. Next week we will be opening www.modernsoloracing.com  based on the ModernSkiRacing.com model for AutoCross racing and believe we have great synergies between these two sports for year round marketing opportunities for ourselves and our sponsors, both ski and automotive industry sides.

Brent is working hard on opening our '08 training centers. We hope to have 2 of our first four up and operational this season with the next 2 on during the '09 season.  We feel very confident that with Brent working closely with our Director of Skier Education, Rick Schnellmann, we will have the premier training system and instructional material in the industry.  We are working on the next releases of Rick's Foundation Series this fall and will be offering streaming video on our web site along with other interactive tools by mid-winter. There will be more information on our growth plans, training centers and coaching system on ModernSkiRacing.com and our forum shortly. 

Charles Cox, President of ModernSoloRacing.com is working on training centers/schools for our AutoCross schools and car development tools for ModernSkiRacing.com's sister site simultaneously with our ski based efforts.  We will also be releasing ModernCycleRacing in the Spring of '08. This release was delayed due to the injury of Rick Slabinski, our cycling team manager.  We are very glad to report that he is back riding and is making great progress toward a full recovery from his spill at the Rocky Mountain Raceway Criterium last May.

Lastly our corporation is going through a name change from Cyborg Information Systems, Inc to IDC, Inc (Insane Dreams of Children, Incorporated) signifying our commitment to the power of doing what you love as a prime motivator in one's business and enterprise endeavors.  We are all, after all, children at heart and hopefully have not and will never lose sight of our dreams.  What starts out as an insane child's dream can become the pursuit of love that enables success, growth and sometimes even wealth.